Attorney John Barrow Provides Divorce Mediation Services in Winston-Salem, NC

Our attorney is an experienced domestic mediator and has helped resolve many cases without further need of a full trial or hearing. Browse the following section to learn more about the versatile capabilities of our law office. When it comes to divorce mediation, you can rely on Attorney Barrow for unmatched assistance throughout Winston-Salem, NC and the surrounding communities!

Benefits of Mediation:

Explore the Upside of our Modern Divorce Mediation Services


  • Cases that proceed to trial almost always take substantially more time than those that resolve at mediation
  • Often, contested and litigated domestic matters take years to resolve 


  • In addition to high hourly rates for trial preparation and trial, there are other expenses to consider when deciding to litigate, including: experts, document reproduction, and indirect costs such as missing work
  • Mediation fees can be split by the parties and are generally much lower than those associated with trial

Life Disruption

  • Trials often wreak havoc on the lives of the litigants due to missed work, long days, childcare issues, and the like
  • Often family members and friends of the litigants are subjected to subponeas and foced to go to long days of court tesitmony, thereby subjecting loved ones to the pressures and stress of litigation

Adverse Publicity and Confidentiality 

  • Matters litigated in court are almost always open to the public and recorded, which lives on in perpetuity 
  • Mediation allows the parties to keep sensitive and potentially embarrassing matters confined to the mediaiton table

Relationship Dynamics

  • ​Friends are rarely won at trial; once a case proceeds to litigation, the job of the attorney is to identify and exploit the weakness of the case for the opposing side
  • The collabritive nature of the mediation process allows the parties to civilly address concerns and come to a mutually beneficial resolution 

More Control

  • A mediated settlement allows the parties to resolve their issues in a custom tailored agreement leading to more "win-win" solutions 
  • Just a few examples of provisions that can be included are: structured settlements, confidentiality agreements, letters of recommendation or apology, and barter and trade agreements for future business interests

Increased Communication

  • ​Mediation encourages the participants to communicate in a more positive and healthy manner​
  • Communication skills and insights gained during the mediation process last well beyond the resolution of a single dispute

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